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/y/ WASRe: David P's "month" (was: Poll by Email No. 3)

From:Clint Jackson Baker <litrex1@...>
Date:Monday, March 11, 2002, 20:50
My French improved considerably when I came across a
book that described in layman's terms how to pronounce
the vowels: /y/="shape your lips between saying 'ee'
and whistling, but pronounce an 'oo'.'  Things like
that.  But they worked.


> > > > > Not sure, though, if I'm confused or totally wrong > > about the "u" of _muse_. I think it would be /y/ > -- > > is that the same sound as [ju]. All I can recall > is > > that if a value is given between brackets [] or > slashs > > //, then it may have a different corresponding > sound. > > Does [ju] equal /y/ ? Sorry for the elementary > > questions, folks! > > > > [y] is the French "u" of "lune", that > English-speaking people do tend to > approximate as [ju], but that's a mistake due to the > lack of this sound in > their language. [ju] would be /ju/ or /u/ in > English, depending whether you > consider it an allophone of /u/ or not. >
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