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TECH: Why this low-tech forum?

From:Felix Ahlner <felix_ahlner@...>
Date:Monday, May 3, 2004, 13:56
I wonder, don't most of you find it rather annoying not being able to post
IPA, or even letter from let's say … Polish onto this list? Has there ever
been any talks about a "real" list like phpBB or such? I once programmed a
language community in PHP, would you guys here be interested in it?

I made some useful scripts for it, i e that it would not brake lines in the
middle of a Unicode hex, which otherwise creates nice lines
like "abcd&#x12 12;fgh".

I even did a script for writing IPA letters, and it would be rather easy to
re-program it so that you write SAMPA (or whatever it's called) between the
tags <IPA> and </IPA>, then the text is transformed into the correct IPA
Unicode numbers. Or for those who prefer SAMPA, it would be possible having
a user option like "Don't translate SAMPA into IPA".

So, what do you say, anyone interested? The only problem right now would be
hosting the pages, and don't know where that should be. If anyone here has
a web server, it would be even easier …

Felix Ahlner


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