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Nu avemus als azeras!

From:Adam Walker <carrajena@...>
Date:Saturday, May 1, 2004, 13:38
Here's a little translation excercise for your
enjoyment.  It's the first chorus of a rather silly
old song from my grandmother's day.

Si, nu avemus als azeras.
Nu avemus als azeras, odji.
Avemus als favichejas ed chibojas
als cavaxas ed ascaluñas
Todus djals frupas ed dichejid
Avemus juni tomati vindradi
Juna patata Long Inzua.
Peru si, nu avemus als azeras.
Nu avemus als azeras, odji.

"Yes, we have no bananas
We have-a no bananas today.
We've string beans, and onions
Cabashes, and scallions,
And all sorts of fruit and say
We have an old fashioned tomato
A Long Island potato
But yes, we have no bananas.
We have no bananas today."


Indjindrud edjuebu ul Azor ad ul Sadoc. Indjindrud edjuebu ul Sadoc ad ul Acim.
Indjindrud edjuebu ul Acim ad ul Eliud. Indjindrud edjuebu ul Eliud ad ul
Eleazar. Indjindrud edjuebu ul Eleazar ad ul Matan. Indjindrud ul Matan ad ul
Jagovu. Indjindrud edjuebu ul Jagovu ad ul Jozevu ul maridu djal Maja dji fin
ninadud ul Jezu fin nicuamad Cristu.

Machu 1:14-16