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Re: SV: Re: Some conlang questions

From:Padraic Brown <elemtilas@...>
Date:Sunday, December 29, 2002, 6:53
--- Nik Taylor <yonjuuni@...> wrote:

> Actually, dialects are more than just phonetic > variations. Purely > phonetic differences are accents. A dialect > has, at the very least, > differences in vocabulary, and usually a few > grammatical differences. > Like, in English, the second person plural > varies by dialect between > "you", "you all", "y'all", "youse", "you guys", > "you-uns", "you people", > and probably a few more options. Also, some > dialects accept double > negatives. Standard English does not accept > double modals (like, "might > can" or "should ought"), but some dialects do > permit it. Standard > English uses inversion with wh-words, but some > dialects don't ("What you > did?")
A lot of that smacks as much of register as of dialect. (At least for me!) I consider myself a speaker of "Standard" - but depending on register, double negatives, double modals, odd pronouns and other kinds of lexical and argot oddities creep in. In the other direction, if the situation be more formal, then all those res dictae fly the country in favor of a more confined style with attendant subjunctives, fully enunciated and single modals and the rest. Well, maybe not the subjunctives, as I use those as a matter of course anyway. Of course, that raises an adjunct question: has anyone worked on registers within their conlangs? Padraic. ===== beuyont alch geont la ciay la cina mangeiont alch geont y faues la lima; pe' ne m' molestyont que faciont doazque y facyont in rima. .


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