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A Franco-Turkic a posteriori language

From:Geoff Horswood <geoffhorswood@...>
Date:Saturday, January 8, 2005, 14:46
Browsing through my dictionary the other day, thinking about perhaps trying
to blend Kazakh and English into a workable conlang, I suddenly noticed how
many English words were Old French in derivation.

As I had no idea where in the world I could rationally place my Anglo-
Turkic speakers, this gave me something of an idea:

What if one (or more) of the crusader kingdoms somehow came to terms with
the Seljuk Turks and managed to survive?  What would their language look
like today?
I admit, after all the horrible massacres of innocent civilians committed
during the First Crusade, to say nothing of all the other atrocities, the
likelihood of them surviving is pretty close to nil, but it would give some
interesting linguistic possibilities...

So I'm going to try to create an a posteriori language (something new and
different for me- all my previous languages have been a priori) which is
basically Old French with substantial Turkic influences, like vowel harmony
for a start, probably some vocabulary, and who knows?

How are the two languages likely to blend?  Will the resulting mix be
mostly IE or mostly Turkic in its grammar?  What about vocabulary?
I think it's easier and more common for a language to absorb vocabulary
than grammar, but would the language be the crusaders' Old French lingua
franca modified by Turkish, or the native conquered peoples' Turkic or
Arabic language modified by Old French?

Comments and ideas welcome.



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