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Random +AHw-mormon+AHw- :-)

From:Joseph Fatula <fatula3@...>
Date:Monday, January 27, 2003, 23:37
From: "Michael H." <narivek@...>
Subject: Re: Random |mormon| :-)

> Even though I am a Mormon, it's funny, but "Mormon" wouldn't at all be > possible in my fledgling (it's one year old on the 30th) language > Varidanen. There is one big problem: In Varidanen, there is no "m". (I'm > sure that's very, very unlikely - along with the fact that there's > no "p", "b", "f", or "g"!)
The pattern here is that /m/, /p/, /b/, and /f/ are all labial consonants. Languages without labial consonants are pretty rare indeed, though they do exist. Iroquois and some of the ones around Vancouver don't have them, if I recall correctly.
> I transcribe my own name into my language > as "Naikhl", the "hl" representing syllabic "l" in this case.
You might as well just write |l| for syllabic "l". Consider |Naikhl|.
> "Mormon" would come out, most likely, as "Nornon" in Varidanen. Thus, "The > Book of Mormon" would be "Aulenva Nornonin" (lit. "The Book from Mormon"). > > I have a question, also: How many conlangers, like me, were inspired by > Tolkien's Quenya or Sindarin to create their own languages?
Sally did a survey with this question just recently. At least I think it was Sally. From what I saw, not that many people were inspired by Tolkien.
> ~Michael H. > > Also, how many Mormon conlangers are there? Does anyone know?