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Re: OT: time and religion and literature (was Re: Opinions wanted: person of vocatives)

From:michael poxon <m.poxon@...>
Date:Thursday, July 3, 2003, 19:00
> > But what normal congregation reads Yeats or Tolkien? >
I don't recall any mention of congregations. To my mind, religion has very little to do with congregations and far more to do with Yeats, Tolkien and poetry, music and art generally, and would say that religion is not a different matter from literature, even though it seems to have become so in the West.
> Religion is a different matter from literature. Unless you're a member > of that cult the name of which I forget, you generally get your children > involved in a religion at a youngish age.
I wouldn't dream of getting my children involved in 'religion' at a young age. They do not have the reasoning power or worldly experience to decide whether the wool is being pulled over their eyes or not. Religious experience is (and should be) open to all, rather than 'theology for the masses' which loses all veracity at the slightest touch of science. That's why I took great pains to get our babies to look up at the stars with us.
> > No piece of literature can be truly appreciated without living in the > same culture as the author. The best that can be done for OE texts, > Chaucer, Shakespeare, Austin or Poe is an study of the society they came > from>
Surely not; so we can't truly appreciate Blake's poetry because we're not 18th century middle-class Londoners?
> -- > Tristan.
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