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Re: IPA bugs in Windows?

From:And Rosta <a.rosta@...>
Date:Saturday, February 16, 2002, 3:37
> One of the features of the Tirelhat dictionary / word usage guide that I'm > slowly putting together is the pronunciation of each word in IPA. I thought > it would be cool to include the pronunciation on the English side as well. > But then I noticed a U+019E LATIN SMALL LETTER N WITH LONG RIGHT LEG in one > of my pronunciations where I had put a syllabic N [n=]! It's odd that this > obsolete symbol would show up anywhere. It certainly doesn't make sense for > _English_ syllabic N as in "button" (American pronunciation), which is a > different thing entirely from the Japanese sound it was originally designed > for. The _really_ odd thing is that as far as Microsoft Word knew, it still > _was_ an "n" with a vertical line under it! And deleting the "n" makes the > vertical line show up normally. > > Okay, I thought: I can live with syllabic "n" being displayed as this > obsolete character, since the internal representation is correct. But the > real evil of this bug came up when I tried to represent the Tirelhat > affricates. Since there's a distinct difference in length between > affricates and clusters in correctly pronounced Tirelhat ("c" should be > around 120 ms long, compared with 160 ms for a "ts" cluster that might come > up in a compound word), I thought it would be nice to use the U+0361 > COMBINING DOUBLE INVERTED BREVE (following the IPA recommendation). But > when a document containing the sequence 't' U+0361 's' is saved and > reloaded, ***the 't' is displayed as a lowercase u with grave accent and > the U+0361 vanishes!*** Again, deleting the 't' makes the tie bar show up. > And all of this is happening with the Thryomanes font, which is entirely a > normal TrueType font: it doesn't have any TrueType Open tables for glyph > substitution and positioning or any such thing! (It happens with other > fonts too, but most of them don't even have a tie bar in the character > set.)
Using Word 2000 under Windows 98, and the Livagian version of Thryomanes, both combinations appear on screen correctly after saving and reopening. Can I ask about the latest bug to annoy me? In Livagian Thryomanes, a word containing italic <ij> will be truncated after the <i> when printing. Likewise, in the (rather lovely) Garamond that comes with Win 98, a word containing <ly) (I think it is) will be truncated after the <l> when printing. Everything looks fine on screen. Does anyone know where the problem might lie? Since these are my two favourite fonts, the problem is rather annoying. --And