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Re: new relay

From:Padraic Brown <pbrown@...>
Date:Thursday, May 31, 2001, 13:49
On Thu, 31 May 2001, Nik Taylor wrote:

>Padraic Brown wrote: >> A technical treatise on the energy levels of electrons in >> hydrogen should be approximately the same in any human or >> alien language. > >What of what in what? :-)
You know. When you pass a monomolecular stream of H atoms through a Gasco-500 spectral emulsifier, the H atoms are stimulated by the input energy and they emit radiation which can be detected and measured. Very useful for Sprondian Atomic Music, which uses varied emissions of such radiation in a way not too dissimilar to the way our instruments emit sound waves. Of course, they say humans just can't get the hang of it, on account of not having sensory organs sensitive enough to pick up the whole customary musical range of radiation.
>The problem with something like that is that >many conlangs are associated with concultures of insufficiently advanced >knowledge. :-)
Well, yes.
>> A treatise on how to capture a mate can get tricky. > >Capture? Why would one want to "capture a mate"? :-)
Because all the Others would laugh at one, making for an embarassment that simply could not be endured. One would be forced to perform hshnakh (which would only just _barely_ restore Honour) or fly the country in utter and abysmal shame. The latter just won't do! How can you possibly suggest anything other than capturing a mate!!?? Padraic.