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Re: Historical realis m and prenasalized stops

From:Roger Mills <romilly@...>
Date:Sunday, October 6, 2002, 16:27
David Peterson wrote:

>The problem will come when other things get in the way. So, the coda consonants >that are allowed are /j/, /w/, /n/ and /l/. The first two trigger diphthongs, >and the second nasalization. The fourth, though... That'll be tough. I >haven't decided how to resolve tough medial combinations like /VlmbV/ or >/VlndV/, or anything. That's a toughie. Any ideas?>
Just offhand, that seems like a very good environment for /l/ to vocalize-- > [u] if it tends to be velarized/"dark" or [i] if purely dental/"bright"...or it could depend on the preceding V or following C. Playing around with the pronunciation, I tend to want to produce [u] before the [mb], but OTOH assimilate > [n] before the [nd]. Perhaps your sequence ...VlndV could result, via *[VnndV] or *[...Vn:dV] , in [V~ndV] (versus ...VndV > [V~:dV] )?????