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Re: New, yet unnamed experimental script

From:Damian Yerrick <tepples@...>
Date:Sunday, March 27, 2005, 18:54
"Sally Caves" <scaves@...> wrote:

> Then something must be wrong with my computer, because I still get the
> Cannot Be Displayed" message after about fifteen minutes of trying to load > it.
First of all, try a different web browser such as Mozilla Firefox. The "page cannot be displayed" error message in Microsoft Internet Explorer conflates several distinct errors: * "DNS not responding" (could not look up server's IP address in DNS) * "nxdomain" (no IP address associated to host name) * "no route to host" (network down between you and server) * "connection timeout" (server not responding) * "connection refused" (server not running a web server) Because IE gives the same error message for five distinct problems, this just makes troubleshooting five times harder. -- Damian