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From:Thomas Leigh <thomas@...>
Date:Friday, September 6, 2002, 23:46
Thomas Weir wrote:
> IIRC, Surselvan still has the remnants > of a case system as well. People always forget the little > Romance languages!
Really? None of the varieties of Rumantsch I have books on (Surmiran, Upper Engadine, Lower Engadine, and Rumantsch Grischun) show any more of a case system then French, Spanish, etc. But then, Sursilvan is the one major Rumantsch dialect I don't have a book on. I'd be very interested to find out more, if you can find a reference. Christian Thalmann wrote:
> Surselvan is a local dialect of Rhaeto-Romance ("Rumantsch"), the > weird-sounding and even weirder-looking endemic romance language > of the alpine canton Graubünden ("la Grischa") of Switzerland.
And, I would like to add, Rumantsch is *the* coolest Romance language in the world, period. I'd speak it if I knew how to read German so I could understand my textbooks! :) To experience a little of the glories of Rumantsch, check out the web site of Radio e Televisiun Rumantscha at, and if you have the Real Player and speakers, do not fail to listen to the Schurnal da Mezdi! Thomas