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Re: Enantodromia

From:Tim May <butsuri@...>
Date:Sunday, December 15, 2002, 19:50
Sally Caves writes:
 > I love this word!  I think I shall borrow it into Teonaht!
 > Sally Caves
 > Eskkoat ol ai sendran, rohsan nuehra celyil takrem bomai nakuo.
 > "My shadow follows me, putting strange, new roses into the world."
 > ----- Original Message -----
 > From: "michael poxon" <m.poxon@...>
 > > Yep. The Greeks had a word for it (Aristotle of all people, the old
 > > misogynist!) called it Enantiodromia, the idea of 'swinging too far the
 > > other way'. I think C.G.Jung was rather taken with the idea.
 > > Mike
So that's what it means.  Aldiss uses it repeatedly in his
_Helliconia_ trilogy (along with the mysterious "eotemporal", which
I've mentioned here before) but his definition is less helpful -
something like "the process by which things are converted into their


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