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TRANS: Ideas (Vyh)

From:M.E.S. <suomenkieli@...>
Date:Saturday, March 23, 2002, 16:09
"The important thing is not to have a thousand ideas,
but to live one of them."



Oll-La:m a:hhyksththosam -- luul voe'vyk-gkja: luulaf,
Lox vy-vLL yyiolloo L vyaux gkja:a:a:!



That which is [the] important (point) -- [to] think
[a] thousand dances [to] think not, [but] rather one
life exist (may one do) and, one day, dance (may one

Note: 1) Brackets [ ] indicate an added word for
better-sounding English, and that the Vya:a:h lack
this word.  2) Parentheses ( ) indicate that this
word/concept is clearly mentioned in Vya:a:h but not
necessary in English.



oll [ol]   - be (3rd sing, pres)

La:m [IAm] - it, that, that which, "the thing"
 (subject filler when nothing else is available; used
 similarly to Spanish "lo que" or "ello" at times)

a:hhyksththosam [AxYksT:osam] = a:hhyks + ththo + sam
           * a:hhyks - important
           * -ththo  - (refers to location or spot)
                       in this case, "point"
           * -sam    - (adjective-attaching modifier
                        indicator; always points
                        the adjective to the nearest
                        preceding noun, where -tam
                        always points the adjective
                        to the nearest following noun)

luul [lu:l] <> luulaf [lu:laf] -
            think <> not think (3rd sing, pres)

voe' [v@] - (used specifically to indicate
            pluralization; not as common in Vyh. as
            in Eng. to always indicate pluralization)

vy  [vY]  - one                  1
vyv [vYv] - ten                  10
vyd [vYd] - [one] hundred        100
vyk [vYk] - [one] thousand       1,000
vyh [vYx] - ten thousand         10,000
vyg [vYg] - hundred thousand     100,000

gkja: [khjA] - dance

Lox [Iox] - (but) rather

vLL yyioll [vI:Y:iol] - (lit. "life [to] exist",
                        used in Vyh. for this sense
                        of "to live")

vyaux [vY2x] - one day (also can be the equivalent of
               the Earth's "Saturday" - ie., the 1st
               of 4 days for rest/holiday, during a
               10-day week)

Note:  Dancing is a very popular tradition and beloved
activity among the Enclave.  As with "rain" being
"water-dancing", Vyh. also holds the above 2
expressions :

luul voe'vyk-gkja: (lit. to think a thousand dances)
**meaning - to think a lot but not come to any stance
or decision**

vyaux gkja: (lit. to dance one day)
**meaning - to take an appropriate action**


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