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A noun class system

From:Peter Bleackley <peter.bleackley@...>
Date:Thursday, September 9, 2004, 11:00
I've got to a stage in my book where I needed names for some characters,
and thus needed to create a bit of the language for their culture. It's a
descendent of Khangaþyagon (as always), with some later influence from
Mágikimnaz. I decided to give it a noun class system. Noun class is
indicated by a suffix on the root, and the following classes exist.
æþli - Things regarded as sacred. From the Khangaþyagon æþli, yew tree. The
yew tree is regarded as sacred in this country, because some are believed
to have stood since the creation of the world, and thus be a link with the
rik - male proper names (from the Khangaþyagon for "man")
poh - female proper names (from the Khangaþyagon for "woman")
hol - people (not proper names)
gravd - ground dwelling animals.
rris - birds and other flying creatures (from the Khangaþyagon zerrish, "bird")
kulb - fish and other swimming creatures. (from the Khangaþyagon for fish)
lara - plants
ziel - places (Khangathyagon zhel)
sek - tools and weapons (Khangathyagon for "knife")
en - things
vrok - substances (Khangaþyagon givrok, "earth")
nis - abstract (Khangaþyagon nesh)

These undergo fusion with relativising suffixes (retained from
Khangaþyagon) and case/number endings (borrowed from Mágikimnaz).