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Oh well... (LoTR)

From:David Peterson <digitalscream@...>
Date:Sunday, December 23, 2001, 10:46
In a message dated 12/22/01 10:59:06 PM, draqonfayir@JUNO.COM writes:

<< I loved the entire movie! >>

    Count me as one for the opposite camp (if there is one).  I wasn't at all
impressed by the movie.  I just got finished seeing it (my friend decided to
see the show starting at 10:20 pm!  Yeesh!)  It looked nice, and all (love
that first picture of the place where those elves lived.  Starts with an
"r"...), but it took itself much too seriously much of the time, which I
found quite a bit silly (the intentionally silly parts were welcome, though).
 "Look into the mirror, Frodo!"  I could not conceal my laughter at that
part.  They may as well have called it "The Enchanted Object which Moves the
Scene Along".  Kind of reminded me of Redcrosse's visit to Despair, who,
after he's moving Redcrosse along the path to suicide, points out this
painting of Hell.  Kind of a, "Hey, look at that!"  Oh well.  Maybe they'll
get better.  I liked all the casting--good job there.  Though I was told by
my friends (who saw it on Tuesday at midnight) that it was frightening, and I
don't like frightening movies.  Luckily, there was only the one part with
Bilbo and the mithril.  I wish they would have told me about it sooner,
though, so I could have covered my eyes.  :(  I don't like things like that.
And if any of you can foresee such scenes in the movies to come, I'd
appreciate it if you'd tell me.  Ick.  I'm not displeased I saw it, though.
:)  I think I'll focus on that.


"Zi hiwejnat zodZaraDatsi pat Zi mirejsat dZaCajani sUlo."
"The future's uncertain and the end is always near."
                --Jim Morrison