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CHAT De Bello Gaelico

From:Roger Mills <romilly@...>
Date:Saturday, July 6, 2002, 23:30
It is time to confess.  Prior to publishing my Kash website for all the
world to see, I tried to interest the Star Trek people, but received only
vague replies mentioning their Legal Dept., and was told to cease hanging
around their Cafeteria.  Next I approached our Defense Dept., who seemed
interested until they learned of my advanced age, and concluded I was not
likely to live long enough to see the conclusion of the War on Evil; my
being gay was seen, somehow, as a disadvantage, too. So we never got around
to negotiating a price-- even though I was prepared to go as low as 0.001%
of our Defense budget......

Mr. bin Laden (so difficult to reach him!) politely declined my offer as
well, stating that his organization already considered Arabic sufficiently
cryptic for their purposes.

Incidentally, I thought it would have been amusing if Christophe had
included a few well-chosen words in romanized Maggel in his post.  _That_
would have occasioned some head-scratching in Dublin...."The pronunciation
is perfectly clear, but......."   ;-))))))))))


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