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[CLEAR] RE: META: "Chinese whispers"

From:Alistair J R Young <avatar@...>
Date:Saturday, February 28, 2009, 23:51
Peter Collier wrote:

>Trying to find an explanation for the name of the game, I found this on >wikipedia which quite neatly sums up the differences in perception of the >offeniveness or otherwise of the name: > >"In the United States, 'Telephone' is the most common name for the game. The >name 'Chinese Whispers' reflects the former stereotype in Europe of the >Chinese language as being incomprehensible. It is little-used in the United >States and may be considered offensive. It remains the common British name >for the game." > >It throws no light on whether that means the British are being offensive, or >the Americans overly sensitive!
As an ex-British now-American *, I submit that the only possible answer is both! Regards, Alistair * Note for benefit of USCIS: only permanent resident, not citizen, and I specifically do not claim otherwise. E-mail from the domain or other associated domains does not necessarily represent official policy of Arkane Systems. Contact for details or clarification. Arkane Systems cannot accept liability for any statements made which are clearly the sender's own and not expressly made on behalf of Arkane Systems or one of its agents.