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Re: Tamil question

From:Danny Wier <dawier@...>
Date:Sunday, September 12, 1999, 18:04
Quoth Boudewijn (about Tamil writing):

>All (and more) is revealed in Daniels: > > Daniels, Peter and William Bright (eds.). 1996. The world's writing >systems. Oxford: > Oxford University Press.
Marh'ava~! That book is in the reference section at the local public library, and I read up on it constantly. I might as well buy the book!
>An on-line resource that _could_ be useful (but I'm not promising anything, >just giving the result of an altavista search); > >
Well it didn't go much into depth about Grantha/Tamil, but it did help with things like the (very!) extended Devanagari script (uses the _nukta_ or point below for Dravidian alveolars, Arabic/Persian loan consonants in Urdu, etc.), and how the Indian scripts are grouped together. It seems like the scripts used for Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam are simpler and more in line with Sanskrit conventions (how vowels are marked with consonants, shapes of some characters) than Tamil, which has developed its script highly. Telugu and Kannada are almost identically written, in fact, and Malayalam seems to have some similarity in design to Burmese/Myanmar (as does Oriya, an Eastern Indic script similar to Bengali and Assamese). Now what I can't quite understand is Sinhalese script... Danny ______________________________________________________ Get Your Private, Free Email at