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Kheldani numbers

From:janko gorenc <j_gorenc@...>
Date:Tuesday, October 28, 2003, 15:48
Hi Adam,
So you could see in the head of message, I sended this mail direct to your adress
and to CONLANG list.
Thank you for numbers from Kheldani and Seldm.
I´m very sorry that your father is ill. I must appologise, that I asked you, now
when you have soo much problems.
In this moment I have numbers from 1053 (numbers 1-10 from 970) conlangs. I only
don´t have numbers 30 conlangs (1-10) to 1000.
A few words of me.
I´m 38 year old. I was 34 I lost both of parents. My mother died because of
diabetes 8 years ago, father died because of heart stroke, when I was 34 years
I´m very thankfull for your answers for my requests for numbers from your
conlangs. When you´ll have time I would be very happy if you would send me
your numbers in other conlangs.

Hope your father will get better.

Janko Gorenc.

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