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Re: Tsuhon: tentative phonology

From:Steg Belsky <draqonfayir@...>
Date:Thursday, May 3, 2001, 23:57
On Thu, 3 May 2001 17:13:19 -0400 Yoon Ha Lee <yl112@...> writes:
> I'd love to see a writing sample, if you have one up on the web or > as a > JPG or GIF file. (Possibly I've seen Gabwe before, but I'm bad at > keeping track. <humbly abasing herself>) > > YHL
- Okay, i'm putting up a sample of Gabwe (technically Gáb-we) now. (for some stupid reason i accidentally made it capitalized) The first horizontal line, in black, says: Gáb-we Dá-túk-Ék. (I speak Gabwe) The blue lines (also going from left to right) are the alphabetic symbols that the syllables are based on: p t k b d g w r y r' h ({r'} = r-acute) a e i u á é í ú (accented vowels are long; length is a grammatical feature, not a phonemic one) The green in the brown boxes are sample syllables: í úr' kád pwét tárk gwur't Under that, the black small letters are written in a style called "Beads on a String". Instead of arranging the syllables in little boxes, the phonemes are written vertically, and then each syllable is "strung" on a line of vowels and place-holders. This is my local/college LARP group character's name, who i invented Gáb-we for (so i can chant my spells in it and sound mysterious): Úr' Bá-Há-R'áw-we Bág-Gért-Téyt-Dáw Dúb-Báy-Réd-we pronounced: [u:R ba:ha:Ra:v ba:ggE:rt<h>e:jtda:w du:bba:jrE:dwE] "Ur Baharav, Acting Magistrate of New Byron" The dark blue vertical writing off to the right is "Ur' Bahar'av" again, just rotated so it can be written vertically. -Stephen (Steg) "Ól Mááláwè, Mágérstéyt-Náw Núbáyrénwe." (the same name and title, written in the "local dialect" spoken by the Goblins near New Byron)


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