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conlang servey & Rhean

From:Jan van Steenbergen <ijzeren_jan@...>
Date:Saturday, October 26, 2002, 6:48
 --- Nihil Sum wrote:

> >Anything will probably do. I'm writing a conlanging book, for goodness > >sakes! I'm desperate for conlangs to write about! > > Whoa. A book? What sort of stuff are you going to write about all these > different languages? There's got to be at least several hundred constructed > languages on the internet (and just think of how many aren't on the > internet). Is this to be a catalogue of sorts? Maybe a guide for conlangers? > Or will it be more like a history of constructed languages?
Heather, if you are interested, I can provide you with a lot of links and other pages. Besides, I still have my own little conlang database. A few months ago Garrett Jones announced a conlang database, but since then he seems to have vanished. Yoohoo, are you still there?
> I would be happy to provide a metric s***load of information about Rhean, if > that's what you're looking for.
I think I could use it as well, since it seems I'll be the receiving side in the Seventh Relay within a few days... Jan ===== "Originality is the art of concealing your source." - Franklin P. Jones __________________________________________________ Do You Yahoo!? Everything you'll ever need on one web page from News and Sport to Email and Music Charts


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