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Re: Ups

From:taliesin the storyteller <taliesin-conlang@...>
Date:Thursday, August 12, 2004, 11:06
* Afian said on 2004-08-12 11:33:35 +0200
> The last message was accidentaly submitted. Here's the finished one. > > Hi! I'm new to this list and I want to post a sentence in all of my > four related languages. Soon I'm going to put their grammars and the > history of the Pirim and their whole world, Arath Isif, on my website. > > Afian: Achlanathon paramondakoferat er alomnuthon eterinikeferat. > Paradon: Alanoth vosat parond ert nuthon vosat etin.
These two are clearly related, maybe too closely related, seems to be only a grammar-difference and no pronounciation-difference; it is harder to see for the rest of them.
> Pirim: Olonith pörüdön er elem törümön.
This one seems to use rounding harmony like Turkish and Finnish, true? Maybe you could show us how they are related? Oh btw, welcome to the list, here's some tips. Because there are a lot of people and posts here one may only post five messages a day. I'm not sure whether you've spent your quota for today though. Sending a post with an error, apologizing for it in post two and sending the correction in post three takes most of a days quota, better to send apology and correction in the same mail, as a reply to the one with the error. That way the people wondering what happened with the first mail can say "a-ha" instead of hunting for a mail in a new thread. A "thread" is decided by the subject of a mail and whether the mail-program has thread-support. The former is why it is important to keep the 'Subject:' field in good health, like changing it when you want to talk about something else, and putting 'Re: ' in front if you reply (just one 'Re: ' at the front of each subject! It's magic!). The latter case means that if you *don't reply* to someone but want to start a *new thread*, you hit the 'new mail'-button or whatever instead of 'reply', then for people with threading mail-programs, your new thread will be very visible instead of hidden in some other thread that for all I know might be automatically deleted. If you get overwhelmed by postings, you can choose to get digests (one huge mail a day) or go nomail (stop receiving but you can still post). Don't send html-mail, and unicode doesn't work properly so if you want to show us fancy symbols, put 'em on a webpage and post the url. Phew! I'm a bit cranky today it seems. Awaiting your answer to my question, have fun conlanging and may you learn lots. t., occasional list nazi (who also hates top-posting and lousy quoting)