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CHAT: Amen (was Re: CHAT: Tao Te Ching)

From:Dan Sulani <dnsulani@...>
Date:Tuesday, June 18, 2002, 15:16
On 18 July, Andy Canivet wrote:

> >From: John Cowan <cowan@...> > > > Amen to that! (BTW - does anybody know the etymology of Amen? I read > > > someplace that the word amen had a common Indo-European heritage as > >Sanskrit > > > om - can anybody confirm or deny this? and are there any other similar > > > words? in other IE descended languages?) > > > >It's Hebrew, not IE at all. IIRC the triliteral root means "confirm". > >The "verily" in Jesus's sayings ("Verily, verily I say unto you") is > >a Greek representation of (an Aramaic relative of) "amen". > > I thought it sounded suspicious that they might be related... >
The Hebrew root aleph-mem-nun basically refers to strength, especially along the lines of endurance and stability. Thus, |amen| as an expression of confirmation (ie "So be it! Let it endure like that!" ). From the same root, other words are derived, such as: |neeman| = loyal (ie one's "trustability" is stable and enduring) |maamin| = believe |emuna| = belief, faith, religion (as a faith) |meamen| = coach ( ie he builds [hopefully ;-) ] sturdy athletes) |amana| = pact, treaty (hopefully, it doesn't get broken ;-) ) |uman| (but |oman| is also commonly heard) = craftsman ( ie, one whose skill is "sturdy" and dependable) |imun| = an exercise (meant to strengthen one's skills) and so on. (Note: I have transcribed the Hebrew words above more or less according to how they sound to me. In the written form, the first lettter of the root, |aleph|, would be found at the beginning of the words I have written as vowel-initial and between what I have written as two consecutive vowels. In spoken Hebrew today, |aleph| is more or less silent. ) Dan Sulani -------------------------------------------------------------------- likehsna rtem zuv tikuhnuh auag inuvuz vaka'a A word is an awesome thing.