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Occitan! E.M. Korean! Basque!

From:Johnson, Anna <ajohnson@...>
Date:Friday, November 30, 2001, 17:53
Hey there, here's another Occitanophile... although I stick to learning Old

My conlang work revolves around adapting Occitan noun and verb bases to
Middle Korean affixes, thanks to the fortune of a similar vowel system: you
then get forms like
"Txantera!" sing! [direct]
but "kantexignixxe!" sing! [elegant]

Dialect diversity creates a fun flexibility of formats: for example, clearly
the direct ('rude') forms have French-style breaking of *ka > cha [txa]. I
may add archaic Basque forms in to other regions.

The setting is pleistocene southern Europe: tinking has dumped a funny mix
of cultures together: 13th century 'langa romans' people from the Pays d'Oc,
13th century Early Middle Koreans, and others, with the fun proviso of being
in the forms of Neandertals [herein assumed to be a H. sapiens subspecies
capable of interbreeding with other subspecies] and H. sapiens [Cro-Magnon,
etc.]. So far this is just 'deus ex machina', but there is clearly a
'reason' for it that involves tinkering aliens.

Mostly it's so I can have conlang fun, though.

Anna J. Johnson
Mystif & Scrat Inscrutable
Somtyme one of mankynde is both man & woman & suche ... in englyssh is
called a scrette.
- Caxton, Trevisa's Higden (1482)


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