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Re: cthulhu fhtagn

From:David G. Durand <>
Date:Saturday, December 10, 2005, 4:13
Most of the "posthumous tales" are in fact inferior tales penned by
August Derleth and peddled as if they contained much of Lovecraft's
work. Not all were bad (though some were wretched). As other's have
noted, taking a two-line idea from Lovecraft's commonplace book does
not a collaboration make.

  -- David

On 12/8/05, Aaron Grahn <aaron@...> wrote:
> It does have a Burnsish ring to it. :) > > þ > > Roger Mills wrote: > > >I used to quite enjoy HPL, until I read a (posthumous?) tale that dealt with > >some guy who hangs around with ghouls et al...But the line "...a ghoul is a > >ghoul, for all that, and no fit company for a man" elicited just a great big > >laugh, and I haven't been able to read him with a straight face since. > > > > > > > > >
-- -- David