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Maidzhen Klaish - webpage update

From:Andreas Johansson <and_yo@...>
Date:Wednesday, February 19, 2003, 17:46
Anyone remember me saying that the next thing I planned to add to my
Conlanging page at was a larger piece on Yargish? Well, when
saying that I was ignoring my manifest inability to stick to a plan. I've
now added to the page a piece on the Maidzhen Klaish script (the one
Tairezazh is written in). So, if you long to know what a _tetskezel_ or a
_maidzhol_ is, take a look at the thing. Any comments, questions or
criticisms'd be appreciated.

I've also started writing a Steienzh Grammar. I've only done the bits on
phonology and on nominal inflection yet, so it will be a while 'fore it's
finished, tho'. As usual, the writing of an account reveals new unexpected
features of the thing described. Only today, I discovered that a class of
Steienzh nouns, known as "a-nouns", actually retain distinct forms for all
five cases in the singular. (This is discovery in the sense that it's what I
end up with when I apply my own rules - I do take the view that I invent,
rather than "discover", my conlangs.)


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