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Re: Steg's Rokbeigalmki (was Re: Hello everybody)

From:J Y S Czhang <czhang23@...>
Date:Wednesday, March 27, 2002, 5:17
In a message dated 3/26/02 06.20.24 PM, draqonfayir@JUNO.COM writes:

>wow, thanks! i always used to think that Rokbeigalmki was pretty boring; >then Sally made me re-do the glossary i sent her during the last >translation relay, since the compounds, causative forms, etc. weren't >nearly as boringly transparent as i had thought they were.
Transparency doesn't have to be "boring." IMHO Some of the most interesting languages with transparency are: Chinese (esp'ly in the compound-words and even the question-words), German, Dutch ;) and pidgins/creoles. (Oh and a quite a few AuxLangs as well... I have fond memories of looking at how Interlingua, Novial, Glosa, Eurolengo, etc. formed their root-words and compounds - or not).
>cool! can _.lilaa_ refer to any kind of creative activity?
I think so (so far). It also means "the evolutionary process by which the Cosmos came into being (the Big Bang, nucleo-genesis)." I am trying to make all my word-roots "semantically multivalued." To overcome amibiguity/ies, use of synonyms with the root to dis-ambigiuate, some examples off the top of my head: _AArt-.lilaa_ Capital A Art (perjorative), _dada-.lilaa_ anti-art(experiential art), _daeda-.lilaa_ /d@da Lila/ craft (not craft as in hobby tho', more like creating treasures or being a living treasure a la the craftspeople in Japan designated "Living Treasures" for their crafts-skills) _nada-.lilaa_ sacred music/scientific music (music based on cosmology, math, etc), _sononada-.lilaa_ art music/self-expressive music/Western Classical music, _sono-.lilaa_ sound-play/environmental recordings, ambient music/ being aware of sound playing on one's mind _.lila-piano_ "toy piano" ::BiG GRiNNie:: Also I have come up the .ur-ae'u'm for "the Godhead": _Panenn(d"oz)_ "All-in/(of-God)" /pan.en~ (d_hoz)/ from the word and concept of "panentheism": <A HREF="">Pantheism: FAQs on pantheism, panentheism, paga…</A> Panen is almost like the Romanized Sanskrit _Brahman_ /br` in concept and even vague sound-symbolism! -a CVCVC duplication of _Brahman_'s C(SV)V(AC)CVC structure. C= Consonant V= Vowel SV= Semi-Vowel AC= Aspirated Consonant
>i always liked the different stages in the creation of Your Conlang >Formerly Known as Lego, as well as the evolution that you put it through >every so often into a different form.
::bows:: thank you. I hope .ur-ae'u'm (the ConLang formerly known as a hella'lotta things, hehe) is approaching a much more stable level ... maybe ::WiCKeD VRiL GRiNNie:: been ponderin' how many letters to eliminate from the .ur-ae'u'm alphabet and still have a pretty neat (& wicked) set of phonemes. (I have always liked /v/ instead of /b/ ferinstance). Learning about IPA has led me to, hehe, some Caucasian languages (i.e. Tsez and Karbardian/East Circassian) and a realization that , Eureka!!, these sounds can be used as grammatical particles, locatives, etc. thus having a bunch of "empty words" that will not be (too) distracting to the "loaded words" - the semantically multivalued nuclei - and can be dropped from lines of poetry (a la Classical Chinese poetry) or even in "normal" sentences to reduce length!!!! Hanuman Zhang {HANoomaan JAHng} /'hanuma~n dZa'hN/ ~§~ _LILA_ <from Sanskrit> = "Divine Play" - the 'joyous exercise of spontaneity involved in the art of creation' (Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan)...the play of creation, destruction, & re-creation, the folding & unfolding of the cosmos... both the delight & enjoyment of this moment, & the play of [the] God[head] ("the universe is what happens when God wants to play"). _Spielraum_ <from German> = free scope to experiment with things & ideas; to toy with ideas; room to play in WHIM = 1a. a sudden fancy; a caprice. b. capriciousness. 2. a kind of windlass for raising ore or water from a mine. [17th century: origin unknown] WHIMSY (plural forms: WHIMSIES, WHIMSEYS) = 1. a whim; a capricious notion or fancy. 2. capricious or quaint humour. [related to WHIM-WHAM ]/Italian _capriccio_, French _boutade_ WHIM-WHAM = a toy or plaything