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Quenya phrase

From:Daniel Andreasson <noldo@...>
Date:Friday, November 5, 1999, 22:44
Nellardo wrote:

> > Then what's wrong about putting 'nai' at the front? > > It sounds a lot better to me.
> It's a question of which we want to emphasize: the wish or the > language? As this is a shirt on conlangs, I'd suggest the > language. Further, the "wish" concept is fairly buried in the > idiomatic English original: Your language goes here.
Ok then. It's just that not putting 'nai' at the front sounds unfamiliar to my leaf-shaped ears, but I see your point.=20
> "Here" doesn't need an antecedent - it means "the area around me, the > speaker" (but can be narrowed with some sort of subordinate phrase or > clause). While words like "I" and "you" are usually called pronouns, > they don't have the problem specific to pronouns and no other parts of > speech - pronouns need something else to establish what they really > mean. "That" can stand for any noun, even an entire clause. "It" works > the same way. "Here" does not have this problem.
Well, I thought that was what you meant. I just didn't know why you wrote it.
> By this logic, Ro'men wouldn't be declined either - notice the "men" > at the end - I don't have the refs in front of me, but I'd be willing > to bet it is the same stem. So presence of "men" does not by itself > indicate an implicit locative *case* (note the distinction - the > locative case is used for indicating location - it is not itself the > way you make something *into* a location).
Yes, but Roomen is a noun (or proper noun).=20 I've always thought that 'here' is an adverb, which is used=20 as a space adverbial (or whatever the English term is).=20 Maybe I'm too much into Swedish grammar.
> No - this was mostly me being sloppy and annoyed at the whole > "sinome/sinomesse" question - I know, I should just relax.
Well, the whole sinome(sse) thing is getting kinda ridiculous=20 by now. :) =20
> > Why 'vala' and not 'vilya'? And why 'hyarmen' in the beginning?
> hyarmen is another stupid mistake - should be malta, of course. In > Quenya, vala is "v", while "vilya" is known as "wilya" and used for > "w".
D'oh on me too. =20
> > > Again, I suggest sinomesse, which adds: > > > esse (again, may be nuquema) e
> > We'll see about that... :)
> Yes :-)
Ok. You tell me that 'sinome' isn't an adverb and if it really is a pronoun, then you can have your '-esse'. :) =20
> Just to see if I can start something else:-) consider: >=20 > "Brookshire" (that's me) >=20 > Brook - Q nelle >=20 > Shire - land - Q ardo (no word for "shire" :-) >=20 > Drop the last e in nelle to form the compound "nellardo".
Mmm... Nellardo. That's nice.=20 'Daniel' means 'God is my judge'. Try and make a nice Quenya name out of that and you can have the phrase 'Brook Conner rules!' on the t-shirt as well. ;) / Daniel Andreasson