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Religious bigotry

From:christopher carter <cscfon@...>
Date:Wednesday, December 19, 2001, 11:44
Thomas Weir wrote:

"Ignorance, both willful
and otherwise, is a human failing to which you, and I, and
everyone on this list is subject, and to go around pointing
out that someone has a speck in their eye raises the question
of whether there is a beam in your own. No one here is questioning
your right to criticize the arguments others may make; what's
being criticized is the manner and the assumptions that you
are invoking to do so.

And that will be my last post on the subject. I hope
we will all move beyond our common failings and get
on with conlanging."

I completely agree.  Someone else pointed out that this is not the forum to
debate religious beliefs.  We are all here to enjoy or learn about
conlanging.  I think most of us have also been scoffed at or made fun of for
doing so.  We all should understand that aggressively criticizing others for
what they like or believe in is hurtful and unnecessary.  It is tantamount
to prejudice and all too similar to discrimination.  Everyone has beliefs,
and agree or disagree, they are entitled to them.  All any of us can do is
be respectful of that.  Let's just stick with what we are all here to enjoy
discussing, conlanging.  And keep respect in that discussion too.

(Hell, if I wanted to argue about religion I could just go visit my parents.
  But I can't bring up morphological processes with 'them' and expect a

GuarduZ d'uvdem puf vryneca.
/'gward@Z  'duvdEm  pUv  'vrinEk@/
"maintain respect for all"

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