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Re: Mandarin pronouns (ta1) [Was: a question about names]

From:Roger Mills <rfmilly@...>
Date:Thursday, September 30, 2004, 16:01
Stephen Mulraney wrote:

> ObConlang: My current project, Tiemish(1), as the attached URL > suggests, is broadly inspired, nay stolen, from Mandarin. It's > the closest thing to a relex I've done. OTOH, it's intended as > something straight-forward that I can easily write texts in and > become familiar with, and later it will serve as the mother of > a very unruly brood of ill-behaved and unusably-complex conlangs :) > > >
Very interesting. Since I've just been working on Gwr, a language of similar type (except I know nothing of Mandarin), I'm struck by the more than occasional resemblances. Tonogenesis is a problem; I know some of the principles, but need to find good sources for some of the subtleties. I note that in Tiemish, tone seems to be determined by the _coda_; do the initials have no affect? I'm starting from proto-forms (non-tonal; mostly CVCV(C) with mostly final stress; initial stress created nominal or adj. derivatives of verbal forms, but this isn't fixed in stone yet...; there was some proto-morphology [C- prefixes] but that isn't entirely worked out either). I too am hoping to create other descendants, some of which will retain the CVCV(C) structure and head in non-analytic directions. (In Bau Da Gwr, CVCV(C) > CVC) The proto sound system was: p t k q, b d g, m n N, w r l y s h, Vowels i a u. All C could occur as initial, medial, final. This developed to modern BD: p t ts tr tS k q, b d dz dl dZ g, f s S x, w l y s h, Vowels i e E/& 1 a u o O and vocalic r [3^]. The only codas are ? N h w y Sample (easy!) derivations: *pátV > **pat > pa? high tone *pVtá > **(p)ta > ta high *bátV > **bat > ba? low *bVtá > **(b)ta > ta low (alternative? da high?) Well, I need to get this organized a lot more before creating a web page.


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