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Re: Trigger languages

From:Jim Henry <jimhenry1973@...>
Date:Wednesday, March 19, 2008, 15:52
On Tue, Mar 18, 2008 at 12:28 PM, Carsten Becker <carbeck@...> wrote:

> The thing that goes on in Ayeri has grown out of the same > misunderstanding as in the article in the Wikibook. I forgot > my handle there, so please delete that anyone who has > access, because it's kind of inaccurate AIUI now. Instead I
I have corrected the article based on my understanding of the recent discussion here, but others who understand the subject better may want to refine it further: Carsten, you can get a new password for Wikibooks by going to the Log in/create account link, typing your username "Carsten Becker" in the username field, and clicking the "E-mail password" button. I found your username by looking at the History page for the article: -- Jim Henry