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CHAT: MUCK (was: RE: Back from Texas; relay almost done)

From:And Rosta <a.rosta@...>
Date:Thursday, November 18, 1999, 21:41
Ed Heil:
> MUD = Multi User Dungeon (as per Dungeons & Dragons) > MUSH = Multi User Shared Hallucination > MUCK = Multi User something-that-sounds-like-MUD > MOO = Mu*, Object Oriented
I don't understand MUCK, from your explanation. I am wondering whether it means "Multi-User Fuck", which sounds to be the sort of thing one would expect to exist on the net (thanks largely to zabna Americans). [Zabna = Lojban for meliorativity, sort of like the opposite of "bloody".]
> They are an old feature of the Internet -- older than the World Wide > Web by several years. An artifact of the Paleolithic era, when > people still knew how to use Telnet.
I have been searching for a Telnet function on my new Windows 98 pc. Windows Help turns up nothing, which is no fucking surprise. (In Microsoft's defence I should say that every time I email them to complain about their products they reply, albeit with the same bland & not very helpful response that nonetheless evidences at least a small element of human involvement in its composition.) --And.