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Just for fun...

From:Barry Garcia <barry_garcia@...>
Date:Thursday, December 16, 1999, 12:15
Just for fun, I decided to see how placing the words of a natlang over the
structure of one of my conlangs would look. So, I married Spanish to
Saalangal to see what the baby would look like, so to speak:

I am washing the cat in the kitchen. - Aolang daklalabo yo yu gato en as

Lit: Now[linker] - wash.pres.obj focus - I - subj. marker - cat - in -
non-subj. marker - kitchen.

Some words were changed to fit Saalangal orthography (like aola, which is
ahora (no R in Saalangal), daklalabo, which is from "lavar", and kosina,
which had the c changed to k)

This construction is in the present progressive tense. Ahora is linked to
the verb with the linker  '-ng', to set it into one tense (present
progressive, since there is no verb for 'to be').  I used the yo form for
the root of the verb, just for this example (lavo), but I conjugated it
into the present tense and object focus (in this case, the cat is being
focused on). I used the Saalangal markers, yu which is the subject marker,
and as, which is the non subject marker.  'En' was used for the
preposition, but I could have used the native preposition 'ka', which
expresses the same thing as 'en'.

Anyway, there it is. It's been bugging me all night, so i had to write
that stuff down. It could be a start of a pidgin or creole maybe. Anyway...