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Re: Cow Brands...?

From:Philippe Caquant <herodote92@...>
Date:Friday, June 11, 2004, 18:44
As the song says (sorry if mistakes):

"I'm going to leave old Texas now
They've got no more use for the long-horned cow


I'll take my horse, I'll take my rope,
I'll hit the trail at an easy lope

The hard, hard ground shall be my bed
And my saddle seat shall hold my head

I'll bid adieu to the Alamo,
I'll turn my head toward Mexico...


I used to sing that song when I was about 14, although
I never set a toe in Texas... (or maybe for that
reason ?)

--- Roger Mills <rfmilly@...> wrote:
> David Peterson wrote: > > > > > > Anyway, while I was contemplating what the > Cherokee syllabary could > > possibly > > have to do with a Mexican restaurant, it was > pointed out to me that they > > might, in > > fact, be cow brands. This made me wonder if it > was done all over the > > world, > > but > > nevertheless, it is (was?) done here. And I was > wondering: Does anyone > > know > > anything about the insignia used to brand cows or > other livestock? Is > > there > > some > > sort of website that collects such insigniae? I > figure if there was > > anyone > > that knew, > > someone here would. > > Google, as usual, knows (search "cattle brands")-- > among others: > > > > No doubt one of the sites gets into the history and > design aspects. One > would suspect maybe they got the idea from the > Spanish. Now that I think of > it, some of the brands resemble the logos that late > medieval printers used.
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