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From:daniel andreasson <daniel.andreasson@...>
Date:Tuesday, September 26, 2000, 22:19
Terrence Donnelly wrote:

> > labial dental rtroflx velar uvular glottal > >stops voiced b D q > > voiceless p t Q ' > >fricatives (vs) S H > >(vd) v gh > >affricates ch > > j > >approximants w y > >laterals l, r tlh
> The standard answer is that Klingon is spoken by aliens. Their vocal > equipment need not resemble humans.
That seems like a pretty lame argument. They seem to have the same distinctions as we humans do: the same places and ways of articulation. Judging from the phoneme inventory, the Klingons have the same vocal equipment as humans. If they can make a labial {b} and {p}, and a dental {t}, then why not a {d}? If a retroflex fric <S> and a labial stop {p}, then why couldn't they pronounce a labial voiceless fricative {f}? The inconcistencies cannot be explained by saying that they _can't_ pronounce those phonemes. They just _don't_, and that makes the system more inconsistent than one would think possible, even for an alien language. Well, no more ranting. No offence intended. All just IMHO. I still think Klingon is a nice and well developed conlang which serves its purpose excellently. What I wrote above is of course invalid in conlanging terms. A conlang can - and should! - look however you like. Of course. And I think it should be represented on the conlang t-shirt. If we ever get one. I do hope we can get it in time for _this_ Christmas, since we didn't last year. :) Daniel