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Ebisedian anatomy

From:H. S. Teoh <hsteoh@...>
Date:Saturday, June 22, 2002, 22:22
I know we've just had an anatomy lesson recently with the periodic
translation exercises, but I was a bit slow... anyway, today I've drawn up
an anatomical chart and coined terms for them. It's not complete yet, but
it does have an interesting property: body parts are inflected for gender.
Which allows for some morbid humour, eg. when a doctor starts using
epicene terms for unidentified body parts... ("yeah, that looks like, uh,
a finger...")

Anyway, in the list below, the anatomical words are given as

1) Ka'jim / Kaa'jim / Kaci'm    "Head & shoulders"
  a) kaji' / Kaa'ji / kacii'    "Head"
     (There is a subtle pun here: _kaci'_, with a short _i_, refers to a
      small plant with red flowers. Not to be confused with _kacii'_,
      which refers to a woman's head. Now, if she were wearing these
      flowers on her head ...)
  b) nusi' / nu'si / nusui'     "neck"
  c) bughi' / pu'ghi / bukhai'  "shoulders"

2) chu'jim / chuu'jim / chuci'm "Torso"
  a) Tanui' / Ta'nui / Tadui'   "Chest"
  b) junui' / cu'nui / judui'   "Belly, upper hip"
  c) funui' / fu'nui / fudui'   "Lower hip, groin"

3) si'jim / sii'jim / sici'm    "Limbs"
  a) biji' / bi'ji / bici'      "Arms"
  b) r3ji' / r3'ji / r3ci'      "Legs"
  c) [Only on creatures with tails]
     li'ji / ri'ji / lici'      "Tail"


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