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Re: A New Language

From:John Cowan <jcowan@...>
Date:Tuesday, August 20, 2002, 11:53
andrew scripsit:

> Well here is an Apache wedding blessing I translated:
This blessing (in English) was spoken by the minister at my wedding, and it hangs on my wall today.
> Yahda tete ve masshene e mulit, pamaca ol yatte sen cammat sai lyane. > Yahda tete ve masshene e telit, pamaca ol yatte sen garumit sai lyane. > Yahda votte e ma solenit, pamaca ol yatte sen lengentes sai lyane. > Yahda tete ti lyan ta mrat, yahda had ta cachala votte dikintette. > Yid ot yahda sai hasosse da hoden ot sai ga tete canante ditte halhada. > Pamaca ga tete canant ditte tai sen tung ya manshe sai erde.
Is this your lang or Apache? -- "No, John. I want formats that are actually John Cowan useful, rather than over-featured megaliths that address all questions by piling on ridiculous internal links in forms which are hideously over-complex." --Simon St. Laurent on xml-dev


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