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Re: A New Language

From:andrew <hobbit@...>
Date:Wednesday, August 21, 2002, 4:36
On 08/19 13:15  John Cowan wrote:
> Jan van Steenbergen scripsit: > > > If two people with a surname can have only one child with a surname, one of the > > two will disappear. > > If none of the two partners has a surname, no new surname will emerge. > > So, after a while, there will be only one surname left, and its possessor or > > one of his heirs is doomed to die childless, so that the whole surname concept > > eventually disappears. > > > > How do you handle that problem? Perhaps by offering the possibility that = > > people > > can be "knighted" with a surname because of extraordinary merits? > > Indeed, perhaps it is better to think of these names as titles of nobility > ("Baron X") rather than surnames as Westerners know them. > In the U.K., where only a peer's eldest son becomes a peer, there are very > few really ancient peerages -- most are modern creations. >
I think something like this would have to be adopted. I think using a surname among the Gwonentan (lit. 'the speakers' for want of a better working ethnicity) is like being the McClan of McClan. I did find bn's ideas screwy enough that I should adopt some of them. Possibly not the right of murder one though, too anti-social. :) - andrew. -- Andrew Smith, Intheologus alias Mungo Foxburr of Loamsdown The tribe need a father who is afraid only of ceasing to love them well. - James K. Baxter