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Re: A New Language

From:bnathyuw <bnathyuw@...>
Date:Monday, August 19, 2002, 16:09
 --- Jan van Steenbergen <ijzeren_jan@...>
wrote: > > andrew 2002.08.19. 19:58:28 +12h-kor írta:
> > How do you handle that problem? Perhaps by offering > the possibility that people > can be "knighted" with a surname because of > extraordinary merits? >
or how about if a person with a surname dies without issue, their surname passes to the last person to be in their presence don't know what would happen if they died surrounded by several people . . . perhaps they would all get the name and what if they were murdered ? would the murderer get their name ? you could also get round the two surnmamed parent problem ( which could become common if prestige courted prestige ) by giving one name to the first child and the other to the second just tho'ts bn __________________________________________________ Do You Yahoo!? Everything you'll ever need on one web page from News and Sport to Email and Music Charts