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discrimination (was: Untouchables [Andreas J., please read])

From:Robert Jung <robertmjung@...>
Date:Thursday, December 4, 2003, 0:03
I'm not really sure whether some 'disabled' people discriminate against 'mentally
ill' folks to make sure we're not lumped together with them. As a blind guy, I
don't know anyone like this. But I don't know very many disabled people, ...

In some books I've found this notice: 'This work is produced for persons with a
perceptual disability as per the Canadian Copyright Act. [...]'. This really
gets me mad, because 'perception' is not just visual; it's also mindual (=
adjectivized form of 'mind') and aural etc. And the book I'm quoting from was
put into Braille in 2002!!!!!!!



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