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Re: rotokas; practical syllabarology; et alia

From:Mike Ellis <nihilsum@...>
Date:Tuesday, June 15, 2004, 9:17
Emily Zilch wrote:

>John Lynch (1998: Pacific Languages, U-HI Maanoa) notes that Rotokas >has six consonants: p t k, v r g. In a footnote (incidentally, the >*only* other thing he has to say about this language), he notes that [ >v ] [ r ] [ g ] become /m/, /n/, /N/ in certain environments. >This strongly suggests consonant clusters.
The Rosetta Project's website has a bit on Rotokas phonology. It says there are neither clusters nor final consonants in Rotokas. See 2.2(1) and 2.2(2). There's also a few pages of a grammar: ... where it says that the s sound only occurs before i! So the name Rotokas could be "Rotokasi" in Rotokas, or that might not be the native name of the language at all.
>Man, I wish I went to MIT steada Harvard, then I could figure out the >maths - would assuming a (C)V(C) syllabic structure allow for 350 >possible syllables? Well, CV allows 35 possible syllables, right?
The 350 might have been a typo for "35". M


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