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Acronyms (was Re: I have an opinion!)

From:Yoon Ha Lee <yl112@...>
Date:Monday, April 2, 2001, 21:56
On Mon, 2 Apr 2001, Frank George Valoczy wrote:

> > TAT - Teledramatic Arts & Technology > > CST - Computer Systems & Technologies > > VPA - Visial and Public Arts > > WAC - Wellness Activity Center > > ULR - University Learning Requirment > > I'm curious. For those which you can pronounce according to English laws, > such as TAT or SOAR, do you say [t&t] or [ti: ei: ti:] or somesuch? > > I've wondered about this often, as Hungarian will tend to pronounce > acronyms as a word, even to the point of violating hungarian phonetic > rules (what i mean is even if the Acronym couldn't possibly be a word in > Hungarian), whereas in my experience English speaker would end up saying > TAT as [ti: ei: ti:], even though it could well be a word in English...
In my case, either/or. [t&t] sounds "silly" so I might say [ti eI ti]. But I might say [so@r] for SOAR unless there were a chance of confusion. And in any case I am rarely consistent on such matters unless people around me show a preference one way or the other. YHL