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Pe: Linguistic Terminology

From:lucasso <lucasso@...>
Date:Sunday, January 3, 1999, 22:32
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Od: Eric Christopherson <eric@...>
Do: lucasso <lucasso@...>
Data: 2 stycznia 1999 07:18
Temat: Re: Linguistic Terminology

>> EC> BP.Jonsson wrote: >> >> Also [] are sometimes used to denote allophones, like "In Japanese =
/s/ is
>> >> [S] before /i/. >> >> EC> True. But I was wondering, are [S] and [s] allophones of /s/ in >> EC> Japanese, or are they separate phonemes? I would think phonemes,
>> EC> [s] can occur before /a/, /u/, /e/, or /o/ and [S] can occur befor=
>> EC> /a/, /i/, /u/, or /o/, thus the domains of each intersect. >> >> till europeans(and americans) came japanese /S/ was an allophone of >> /s/ (which used to occure only before /i/), new words (especially >> english based ones) have changed it into new phonem... > >Hmmm... I find this hard to believe, since there are morphemes in >Japanese which are either native to Japanese or borrowed from Chinese >long ago, which use [S] before vowels other than [i]. There are [So:] >and [Su:], to name a few. The same goes for [tS] and [dZ]. >
you're right of course!!! it's chinese influences... i wonder how to describe japanese phonemic system? if [s] and [S] are two phonems then: hanasu -> hanashimasu or -masu -> mashita are irregularity... so maby divide japanese into two (or three) systems japanese and chinese in japanese system then [S] is allophone of [s], but in chinese is separa= ted phonem... there are more such things (the third would be english (and other eurolangs based words) so in one system [S] is a allophone of [s] and a phonem [S]... or phonology is a @$##%* ....? what do y'all think about phonology? -- (