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Grammar of Merian H1

From:Joe Hill <joe@...>
Date:Thursday, December 13, 2001, 16:55
Well, I have a working name for my lang:  Merian H1, the first human language in meria.

Grammer is fairly IE, and I have a Grammar I posted earlier.

Noun roots are much like this:


Pronoun Roots go like this:


Verb Roots like this:


Adjective roots like this:


Prepositons like this:


Prepositons are latched on to the target noun, the{'} is a glottal stop.
All prefixes are also like that.  The one article, the, is also the same


There are 4 cases, Nominative, Accusative, Dative and Genitive.

They are signified with the first vowel in a noun:

a- Nominative
i- Accusative
u- dative
o- genitive


There are three things to say number, singular, plural and dual.  They are
determined by the second noun (all vowels are between consonants, or at the
start, except in 1 letter nouns, where one is possible at the end.)

o- plural
e- dual
w- singular

If there are two consonants together, then more nouns are added, the third
depending on the case, and fourth on number.

Case in third place

nominative- u
accusative- o
dative- e
posessive- w

Number in fourth place

plural- a
dual- i
singular- u



Tense is also defined by vowels

In the first place:

a or o - present
i or e - past
u or w - future

In the second place, it is the opposite letter to first (ie. A in 1st, O in

Imperative:  Imperative sentences have no subject.
Continuous verbs are defined by a certain conjunction in the sentence.

Nouns always start with a vowel, while verbs always start with a consonant.

Adjectives are directly before their noun, Adverbs are exactly like
adjectives, but before verbs.