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Re: Translation relay LINE-UP

From:Sally Caves <scaves@...>
Date:Sunday, May 30, 1999, 21:26
Fabian wrote:

> >> you left me out :( > > > >Oh dear, Fabian. I'm so sorry! Where do you think > >you are in the roster? Who asked after you? And > >we'll put you before. > > Just put me down at the end. In case you hadn't been here, this time of year > is hectic academically. Hopefully teh chaos will be quieter by teh time it > reaches me.
I don't know, it seems to be going pretty fast! Last I heard, Nik had already sent it off to Joe Mondello... fifth in the cue! So I'll put you after Adam Parrish, who is after Jennifer Barefoot. Let me redraw the list in my next post. Sally