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Translation relay LINE-UP

From:Sally Caves <scaves@...>
Date:Saturday, May 29, 1999, 23:33
Here's the list to date, with Jennifer Barefoot rounding out
a considerable circle of players!

Irina's original poem in Valdyan.
My translation of hers in Teonaht.
Steg Belsky who got my translation.  (Did you get it?)
Dunn Patrick who asked next.
Nik Taylor who asked next.
Joe Mondello.
Chris Peters.
Pablo Flores.
Padraic Brown.
Christophe Grandsire.
Josh Roth.
Kristian Jensen, and
Jennifer Barefoot, who has requested to be last.

If there are any other takers, they will go after Jennifer.
If I have left anybody out, please holler at me! <G>
The very last one will send his or her translation back
to Irina, who will post it along with her original.  Then
we post ours, and somebody (probably me), will be appointed
to put them in order, so we can see where the changes have

This ought to be interesting.  So that it doesn't take
the whole summer, let's keep our time with the poem to
the bare minumum... I had suggested between 24-48 hours.
If you don't think you can work that fast (it's only
four lines--unless it gets longer!), let us know.

To answer Kristian's question posed below:

> >BTW, I think this is very important. How do I know who is the next > >person I'm suppose to send to? > > > >-kristian- 8-)
If everyone sees this list, we'll go in the order of the list. It's equally important that when you're done, you announce to the list that you have passed it on to NAME THE PERSON. If that person can't do it for some reason, he or she will post back and say move on to the next person. To answer Chris's question:
> > Good point there. I'd also like a clarification of my own, being a > rather new member to the list. When I receive my copy from a list member, > written in their own language, would that person either teach me their > language, or include an English gloss? And of course, which would I be > asked to do for the next person? My Ricadh is still under heavy > development, and it's certainly not in a web-ready form yet.
A heavily explicated gloss will do, usually. Some people give interlinear glosses: Euil verinyn elry atwa to + obj. art. park pret.part. + 1stPersNomPron. walk Which I find, actually, really confusing, especially if I can't understand the conlanger's abbreviations or if the conlang is heavily inflected. I much prefer a footnote glossary with each word more explicitly identified. Then I have to match it up, but I can print it out to do that. But you can do what you want, so long as you are clear to your translator. Many people, like Boudewijn, provide both. Think of it as mini-exercises wherein we teach each other our conlangs and perfect and practice our inventions! Sally