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Re: Advanced English + Babel text

From:Henrik Theiling <theiling@...>
Date:Monday, November 8, 2004, 15:55

"J. 'Mach' Wust" <j_mach_wust@...> writes:
>... > There is no single uniform pronunciation of standard German, and the > pronunciations vary in the realization of /r/. As I've already written, many > varieties have [R] for the "rhotic" /r/, but other varieties have [R\] or > [r]. >...
Right. And there are region that have [r\] (voiced alveolar approximant, (not the retroflex one)). Sounds strange to my ear, but those people I met were still speaking Standard High German. :-) I'd say most say [R], next comes [r], then [R\], then [r\]. But that is vague personal intuition, not statistics. I wouldn't say [R\] is older generation, just a different variant (even my grandma says [R]). BTW, for me, [R\] is toughest to pronounce, the others work well. **Henrik