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From:Aidan Grey <arachnis@...>
Date:Monday, January 24, 2000, 6:06
    I've been working on Aelya verbs recently, trying to simplify the TONS (I
have a bookcase full) of notes. I have only got through two tenses: present and
imperfect (both indic.). here's some samples:

    per 'to say'
        Pres. : peran 'i say', peram 'we say', peras 'you say', per 'he/she/it
says', pere 'he says', pera 'she says', pera 'they say', perad 'he/she/it said
(4th person)'
        Ipf. : epheran, epheram, epheras, epher, ephere, ephera, ephera, epherad

    sai 'to seek'
        Pres. : sayan, sayam, sayas, sai, saye, saya, sayar, sayad
        Ipf. : eshayan, eshayam, eshayas, eshai, eshaye, eshaya, eshayar, eshayad

    All pronounced like you would in english.
    Notice that the 3p -r is absorbed into the preceding r in per, that ai > ay
before a vowel. Imperfect is formed from an augment plus lenition.

    So, here's a question: how do augments appear in vowel-initial verbs? I
though that the lenition would appear as -h- separating the vowels from each
other. But it isn't aesthetically pleasing to me. I wouldn't mind "umlaut" caused
by the augment vowel (and I could hypothetically describe the e- as an historical
i-) but I don't know what would happen to some of my vowels. Here's some examples
(only sg forms) to illustrate what I mean.

    ai 'to drive (cattle)'
        Pres. : ayan, ayas, ai, aye, aya, ayad
        Ipf. : ehayan, ehayas, ahai, ehaye, ehaya, ehayad
                eyan, eyas, ???, ???, ???, eyad

    Or I could even change the thematic vowel and get "ayin, ayis, aí, ayi, aye,
ayid" but that looks ick now that I see it. Possibly add a vowel after the ending
proper, to stimulate those "secondary" endings of PIE: "ayanne, ayasse, ???, ???,
???, ayadhe"?

    I'm lost as to what to do. Can anyone help?

    Also, I've kinda got a rule that sonorants geminate after stress (which falls
penultimately). Do you folks like "peran" or "perran" better? I like them both,
but I could play with the "rules" to get either eventuality.

    Your helps, as always, is appreciated!