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Re: a semi-paranoid question

From:nicole perrin <nicole.eap@...>
Date:Monday, September 18, 2000, 21:24
'kay, I got a few questions 'bout Vivo, maybe you've answered them
already and I've missed them, so if so, sorry...

Jonathan Chang wrote:
> > whimsical sexual slang I came up with: > "gooey as a fruitbat" > > _vas:casii-modda fruttii-piippiip_
Every time you post a sentence/phrase I wonder about the orthography -- and about the differences between the spoken and written languages, between which you usually make sure to differentiate. Also, what are the phonological constraints of the language like? Did they change during the con-history of the lang? (like, do you borrow some words from sources with certain mutilations then words that are supposed to be borrowed later have different ones because the phonology became more "liberal"?) Also, have you posted much on the syntax of Vivo? I'm most interested in this.
> > other vocabulary that I came up with has some nice correlations: > > _matta_ "matter" _Maia-meme_ "materialism" (an ideology) > > _littarii_ "(to) read" _libarii_ "book(s)" > > I swear it happened by chance... I think must be doing something right > if these synchronicities keep poppin' up... > > (And I wonder if I have wasted my time posting my earlier detailed emails > on my conlang's number classifiers, TMA system, etc. ... I have not gotten > one response - on list or off - so I am wonderin' if I have worn out you > peeps' with my postings or WHAT. > Are you people just deleting all or mosta my postings re: my conlang? > Usin' the old thread/threat editor???)
No way! I read them all. Just usually I don't have anything to say. Figure it's better to keep my mouth shut than say something un-useful.
> It's not like really important, but I _do_ need critiques from people who > have been at this longer than I have. This is my first conlang project and I > like the way it's going now... but I would like input to where I could > improve it, where & what may or may not work, etc.. > > ::rant over:: > > czHANg > > p.s. - my name is mispelled twice at conlang/ethnologue > > and anyways I rather not have that name in public or amongst people I do not > know well... I much prefer _czHANg_ in and amongst "the public." > If I had known that upon subscribing to this list my "private" name would > be out in the "open" I would have put in _czHANg_. > ::wry grin::
But the "From" spot on all your emails has your real name...